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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use this As a Front End Product?

YES! You own the rights to do anything you want with this except give it away for free (you CAN break it up and use it as lead magnets though!) or add it to a membership site.

What Can I Do With the PLR Rights?

You can sell this product as your own. You may change it and rebrand it as your own. You cannot sell the PLR rights unless you purchase transferable rights.

Can I Change this in Any Way?

YES! In fact, we encourage you to rebrand this as your own product with your own name on it!

Is there More Content in this Training?

YES! There is approximately 100% MORE information in this training compared to the Front End E-Book

Is this Material 100% Original?

YES! We made every video and wrote every word! You will not find this content anywhere else!

Is There Any Guarantee?

YES! You are 100% covered under our no hassle 30 day guarantee. If you are not satisfied, just request a refund.

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